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The 2023 endurance season at the Nürburgring has kicked off with a bang, as Bulldog Racing's newly built MINI John Cooper Works made its race debut on the infamous Nordschleife. The team chose the season opener of the Nürburgring Endurance Series as the perfect testing ground to put their new vehicle to the ultimate test under racing conditions. With the number 468 emblazoned on its sleek exterior, the MINI John Cooper Works took to the track with Charlie Cooper (GBR), grandson of the legendary John Cooper who invented the Mini Cooper in 1961, and co-driver Sebastian Sauerbrei (GER) at the helm. The dynamic duo competed in the VT2-FWD class, ready to show the competition what the new kid on the block was made of. Charlie Cooper celebrated his race premiere on the Nordschleife, having passed his DMSB Permit Nordschleife in the new MINI John Cooper Works just the day before. With nerves of steel and a need for speed, Cooper made his mark on the track, with his fastest lap during the race clocking in at an impressive 10:35.194. In the initial stages of the race, the MINI John Cooper Works showed its mettle, making up positions and powering through the course. Sebastian Sauerbrei's fastest lap in the race was a blistering 10:10.763, leaving competitors in the dust. However, the race was not without its challenges, with many accidents and Code-60 phases making it a true test of endurance. Undeterred, the Bulldog Racing team focused on set-up work in the later stages of the race, determined to finish strong. After four hours of intense racing, 21 completed laps, and five pit stops for set-up work, the MINI John Cooper Works saw the chequered flag and finished in an impressive ninth place out of 15 starters in its class, and 88th place out of 118 drivers overall. With the first race under their belts, the Bulldog Racing team is looking ahead to the second race of the Nürburgring Endurance Series on April 1, 2023. Charlie Cooper and Sebastian Sauerbrei are raring to go, ready to take on the competition once again and show that the MINI John Cooper Works is a force to be reckoned with on the track. So buckle up, folks, and get ready for an adrenaline-fueled ride as Bulldog Racing and the MINI John Cooper Works take on the Green Hell in the 2023 endurance season at Nürburgring.

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